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The Paramount Theatre

Austin, TX
The Paramount Theatre

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Address: 713 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 Map ➦ Get Directions

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About The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre stands as an iconic testament to Austin's vibrant cultural scene, offering an array of captivating events, from live performances to comedy shows, acting extravaganzas, and even mesmerizing drag shows. With its exceptional design, this antique theater boasts a rich history that merges seamlessly with the modern entertainment landscape. The walls and ceilings adorned with exquisite artwork create an ambiance that takes you on a journey through time.

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  • 🎢 Melodic Haven: Nestled in the heart of the "Live Music Capital of the World," The Paramount Theatre resonates with the tunes of talented musicians, perfectly aligning with Austin's reputation for hosting SXSW, Austin Film Festival, ACL, and numerous other noteworthy events.
  • 🌟 Historical Echoes: The theater stands as a living legacy of Austin's cultural tapestry, offering stars that shine just as brightly as those in Hollywood. The dream of having a local walk of fame becomes a reality here, celebrating the contributions of film and music luminaries.
  • 🍹 Elevated Experience: While enjoying the performances, savor the goodness of carefully crafted drinks that add a dash of delight to your evenings. Don't forget to explore the upstairs bar for quicker service and a cozy atmosphere.
  • πŸš— Hassle-Free Parking: Downtown parking worries? Not at The Paramount! The convenience of ample parking ensures your visit starts on a stress-free note, and the attentive staff gets you seated promptly.
  • πŸͺ‘ Architectural Marvel: Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals that surround you. The theater's intricate artistry on its walls and ceilings is a spectacle in itself, making every visit a true feast for the eyes.
  • πŸ§₯ Comfort in All Seasons: Plan your visit with comfort in mind. Even in the warmth of summer, it's advisable to bring along hoodies and sweaters, as the theater can be quite chilly. Your enjoyment shouldn't be hampered by the weather!
  • 🎭 Unobstructed Views: Whether you're seated in the main floor downstairs or the box seats above, you're in for an unforgettable experience. No seat at The Paramount is a bad one; every view is carefully curated for your enjoyment.
  • πŸ’« A Touch of Nostalgia: The charming antique chairs add a touch of nostalgia to your visit. While they hold a certain vintage charm, plans are in place for their replacement, ensuring your comfort remains a priority.
  • ❀️ Community Engagement: The Paramount Theatre doesn't just offer entertainmentβ€”it's a part of the community. From supporting local causes to being a platform for emerging talents, it's a place where the heart of Austin beats loudly.
  • πŸ† Rave Reviews: Visitors can't help but sing praises for The Paramount. With its variety of events, exceptional seating, and unique atmosphere, it has become a favorite among Austinites and tourists alike.

Why Choose The Paramount Theatre?

Immerse yourself in the historical richness and captivating entertainment that The Paramount Theatre offers. From its legacy as Austin's own walk of fame to its commitment to fostering local talent, every visit is an opportunity to be part of something special. Revel in the artistic brilliance of the past while indulging in the vibrant performances that define Austin's cultural identity. Experience comfort, community, and the magic of the theater in one unforgettable setting. Choose The Paramount Theatre and become a part of Austin's cultural legacy. Book your tickets now and let the enchantment begin.


Amenities in this business::
  • βœ… This place welcomes children

  • βœ… Wheelchair-friendly parking
  • βœ… Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • βœ… Has wheelchair-accessible seating
  • βœ… Wheelchair-accessible toilet

This Performing arts theater received 4.7 points from 2,016 customer reviews.

The address of The Paramount Theatre is:

The Paramount Theatre
713 Congress Ave
Austin, 78701
P: +15124725470

Visit Website: www.austintheatre.org

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